Competition Reminder: Mu Alpha Theta

The upcoming 23rd annual Washington State Mu Alpha Theta competition is on March 23th, 2016 at Thomas Jefferson High School. Register soon!

There are three divisions:
THETA-Students in Algebra 3-4 (Integrated 3) or lower
ALPHA- Students who are in Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
MU- Students who have taken any level of Calculus

The following is the schedule for the day:
8:15-9:00 Registration is open, schools must register for Chalk Talk and Jeopardy at this time. Pizza can be ordered.
9:00-9:15 Opening directions in the cafeteria.
9:15-10:30 Ciphering
10:40-11:45 Topic Tests Round 1
11:45-2:20 Lunch
11:50-2:20 Jeopardy
12:00-2:20 Chalk Talk
12:10-12:55 Speed Math
12:15-1:10 Mental Math
12:15-1:10 Relays
1:15-2:20 Circles & Polygons, Probability & Combinatorics, or Matrices & Vectors.
2:30-3:40 Individual Tests
3:50 Awards

These are the Topic Tests and their divisions:
Logs/Functions  (Theta/Alpha)
Geometry (Theta)
Trig & Analytical (Alpha)
Sequence & Series (Theta/Alpha/Mu)
BC Calculus (Mu)
AB Calculus (Mu)

Details for each particular test, according to Thomas Jefferson math club:
1) Topic Tests: Topic Tests are 40 multiple-choice questions covering the subject matter of the topic. No Calculators.
2) Individual Test: One test, MATHCOUNTS style, with 40 multiple-choice questions for all 3 divisions, Mu, Alpha, Theta. No Calculators.
3) Ciphering: 10 rounds of 4 questions at a time, with 4 minutes to solve them, 3 divisions. Calculators are not permitted for Ciphering.

Lunch tests:
4) Chalk Talk: One student from each school will give a five-minute presentation “Math and Elections”. Each school may enter one student in the Chalk Talk. Speeches are to be prepared in advance. Students may only bring a 3” by 5” card of notes, no other props are allowed.
5) Jeopardy: A team of up to three students will represent their school in a Jeopardy math contest loosely based on the television game show. No Calculators.
6) Mental Math: Three divisions: Mu, Alpha or Theta. One student from each school in each division takes a 40-question test. All work is to be done in your head. No Calculators
7) Speed Math: Three divisions: Mu, Alpha or Theta. One student from each school in each division takes an 80-question test in 30 minutes. No Calculators.
8) Relays: One team per school, 3 members on a team, each team should consist of one Mu, one Alpha and one Theta. A person can move up to a higher division but not down. For example: an Alpha may substitute for a Mu but not visa versa. No Calculators.
9) Matrices & Vectors & Circles/Polygons and Probability and Combinatorics: Three topic tests given at lunch time. Anyone can take these tests! These tests are scored the same as a topic test. Limited space so first come first serve rule in effect.

Each student may compete in only one of the five lunch events, as they will run at the same times. The exceptions are the three topic tests, and the unit circle test.

Hope to see you there!

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