Music & Math in Perfect Harmony

What makes two notes sound good together? How do noise-canceling headphones actually work? What does the future bring to the music world? Middle school students had their questions answered on February 27th through WSMA’s Music & Math Expo! WSMA was able to unveil the hidden integration of math and music, including basic music theory and physics, to over 30 inquisitive students through an interactive expo event. Students learned various math concepts and applied their newfound knowledge to sample problems centered around music and waves, and were even able to study examples of this synergy in the real world. Furthermore, they examined the future of innovation, AI, and technology in the music world, hopefully inspiring prospective students to pursue a line of interest in aiding society’s development in math and music. If you were not able to attend this expo, not to worry! The lesson is currently posted on our YouTube channel up for viewing!

WSMA hosts numerous expos (as well as other events) throughout the year to introduce the applications of math that are typically skipped over in the common classroom. Our goal is to provide students with the tools and resources they need to go above and beyond in mathematical studies. Through this effort, we hope to encourage students to be more involved in the math world and potentially pursue a career in giving math a more prominent name for our society’s future. If you would like to be notified of future WSMA events, including expos similar to this one, sign up for our newsletter.

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